Incentives Associated With Installing Solar Electric Panels

The accessibility of solar panels to the general public in recent years has started a trend. The panels are no longer seen as futuristic or impractical. They are now commonly seen on top of buildings and mounted in convenient areas where the sun hits during the day. Some of the newest technologies allow homeowners to use thin coatings or films directly over an existing roof or other surface to gather electricity. This has resulted in a number of incentives from various sources to encourage people to install solar panels.

One of the most prominent incentives is a tax credit from local, state or federal agencies. The incentives allow a homeowner to deduct the cost of the solar panels and sometimes the installation at the end of the year. This incentive is very valuable in areas that have power problems. Solar panels tax rebates help to lighten the load on the power grid so that brownouts or blackouts happen far less frequently.

Another incentive is from energy producers. Homeowners in some areas who install solar panels will receive a special meter for the house. The meter allows the homeowner to sell energy back to the power company if the solar panels produce electricity not used in the house. Homeowners who combine this incentive with efforts to reduce power usage can actually see profits every month.
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How To Go Green With Solar Electric Panels

Solar electric panels allow you to go green because they are good for the environment. Solar power and electric has received tons of notice because it is an environmentally friendly source of power and electric for your home. When you rely on the solar panels to provide electric to your home, you are relying on a natural resource and not harmful toxins or chemicals. The solar panels use the sun and its rays to give electric to the home.Didn't catch that? This explains it. The entire process does not release any chemicals or gasses into the air, thus resulting in cleaner, fresher air for the community.

There are many people who have already made the switch to go solar. There are simply so many benefits associated with going solar. Not only is it good for the environment, it is also good for your own pockets as well. You can drastically lower the cost of your utility bills by making the switch. The savings that you will enjoy monthly are a good enough reason to go solar. The government also issues out rebates for those who pay to have solar panels installed. The government does this as an incentive or reward for people who make a wise decision to go solar and ultimately go green.
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Incentives Associated With Installing Solar Hot Water Systems

There are many different types of solar energy products. Solar panels are the most popular among them because they provide the largest amount of savings for consumers. Another solar product that may not be so well-known is the solar hot water system.

A solar hot water system is a cost-effective alternative to generic water heaters. Solar hot water heaters use the sun as an energy source to heat the water within the tank. This process will save you a ton of money in electricity and gas bills.

Because government rebates are now available for solar hot water systems, the purchase and installation of your solar hot water system is cheaper now more than ever. Many people who apply a government rebate towards their new systems normally decrease their out-of-pocket costs to an amount that can be paid in full.

Solar hot water systems are also very environmentally-friendly. They have no impact on the environment when being operated and will help decrease your reliance on nonrenewable energy sources.
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Top 3 Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power isn't a new technology, although most electricity companies up until now haven't made it a priority. Only recently has it become a more prevalent form of renewable energy. Whereas in years past, solar energy was expensive and difficult to implement without a significant capital expenditure, emerging technology is making it easier for companies and homeowners alike to implement the energy source.

Here are the 3 most significant advantages of solar energy:

1) Solar is clean: Solar power doesn't produce greenhouse emissions in the form of burning fuels and chemical byproduct expenditure.

2) Solar is infinitely available: Barring a cataclysmic event of some sort, the sun will always be there. Solar energy is infinitely renewable because it doesn't rely on fossil fuels or other natural resources.

3) Solar doesn't require reliant infrastructure: Solar energy can be implement in areas "off the grid," meaning that an energy company doesn't have to deliver service.

Solar energy is the ideal renewable energy source. And in an ideal world, it will grow to be a significant energy source going forward.
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How To Make Do It Yourself Residential Solar Panels

When you are making solar panels for your home you may use different types of containers to put the cells in, such as wood, aluminum or PVC. Once you have the size of your box you can order your solar cells, buying pre-tabbed cells will make the wiring simplier. The standard size of a solar cell is 3x6" and in order to build a solar panel that outputs 18 volts of energy you will need to purchase 36 cells.

Once you have your cells you begin the process of building the container. Whatever material you are using, wood is the simplest to work with, you will build according to your determined dimensions and you will need additional material to attach the cells to the substrata. You will need a sheet of Plexiglas for the cover.

Before you glue, with caulk, the cells to the substrata you will need to wire the cells together. Make sure to wire them in series in order to get the full 18 volts. Before finishing drill a hole in the bottom of the box for the wires to come out, then glue the substrata into the box and attach the plexiglass to the top of it.
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How To Install Residential Solar Panels

With the cost of living rising, families are looking for new ways to save money. Many are discovering an easy way to reduce the costs of running a household while also helping out the environment. The solution is residential solar panels. The best part is that it can be a "do-it-yourself" project.

The first steps in determining how a home can best harness the power of the sun are deciding what type of panels will work best for one's home and finding a good installation space that gets an adequate amount of direct sunlight.

After proper planning, gathering supplies has become easier than ever. Inexpensive solar cells can be found online and increasingly at local home improvement stores. The additional materials such as wiring and brackets will not add much to the total cost. The actual installation is a quick process that can be done in an afternoon. Of course, if the roof is the chosen location, proper safety precautions should be observed.

Many will be surprised to learn how easy it can be to lower their electricity bill with the simple solution of residential solar panels. The satisfaction of taking this project into their own hands will be priceless.
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What Are The Highest Efficiency Residential Solar Panels?

There are a few options to consider when looking at solar panels and we are going to take a look at the most efficient residential solar panels available. When considering solar panels, efficiency should be one of the most important qualities to look for. Since solar panels are not cheap you want to make sure you are getting the most for your investment. At the moment the most efficient solar panels for residential use are Monocrystalline Silicon (mono-silicon or single silicon) panels. These have proven to be more energy efficient turning up to 12-19 into usable energy. These solar panels have a higher level of silicon making them more expensive. Since they are more efficient because of the high silicon level, they also require less space compared to the less efficient panels. Monocrystalline silicon panels usually have around 60 to 72 cells per panel. That equals around 120-300 watt-peak (wp). They also show higher efficiency in lower light and temperatures. These panels are also much more durable and most manufactures provide a 25 years guarantee. The Poly panels contain less silicon than the mono panels. When considering solar panels make sure to take all qualities into consideration; space, efficiency, cost, durability, and maintenance.
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Do Solar Hot Water Systems Save Money?

Solar hot water systems not only save money, but also help the environment as well.
Solar hot water systems are usually made with a simple assembly of pipes or solar panels that use the energy of the sun to heat up the water running through the pipes. You can either purchase professional solar panels to heat your water, or you can use your own black colored pipes to make a homemade water heater as well. Either way, investing in solar energy is a guaranteed way to save money over the long term. Although the panels may have a high up front cost, you will profit eventually over the years by never having to pay for electrical bills that normally come with hot water boilers. Also, harvesting the energy of the sun will reduce your carbon footprint, helping to keep the environment clean while giving you the same hot water that you would receive with an electric water heater.
Overall, solar hot water systems are an excellent investment to make if you are interesting in helping the environment and saving a good sum of cash. After many years, you'll be impressed by the amount of money saved with these solar heaters.
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How Do Solar Hot Water Systems Work

The basic theory behind solar hot water systems is to allow the sun to heat fluid which is then transferred to a holding tank that circulates the heat into the water inside. Many of these units have a secondary heating element to maintain the temperatures when there is no sun.

A rooftop unit is installed where there is southern exposure to ensure full sun all day. The unit contains coils of copper on a black background to draw the heat to it. The fluid inside is then heated by the sun and circulates into the water tank through another series of coils that distribute the heat to the water inside. As the fluid cools it is then run back through the system to repeat the entire process over again.

The holding tank may have a second tank installed that handles the overflow and is much like a standard water heater with a heating element to maintain the temperature. This is not always used, but it is an option. this saves hundreds on water heating since the sun os doing most of the work.

The roof units must be kept clear and cleared of any debris and be in a location where there is little danger of tree limbs falling on them. The unit itself can be available in a wide variety of sizes to fit the needs of the building.
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